Consultation #3

Getting Admitted:  Preparing your college applications; writing a powerful essay; preparing for interviews; implementing your admissions strategy; evaluating your options; selecting the best college for you


List of Services Provided

You’ll receive the following services that set Upstate College Planning Services apart from our competitors:

  • Discuss what makes one applicant stand out over another from the perspective of an experienced college executive
  • Share insider knowledge about colleges’ priorities when reviewing applications
  • Discuss whether institutions juggle competing goals when admitting students, and how that juggling can affect your application
  • Discuss whether it’s likely that a college will modify its stated admissions policies
  • Find out whether attending one college over another really will improve your chances of success/employment
  • Discuss how to set the stage for developing productive relationships with faculty


Plus, you’ll receive all of the following:

  • Continue to develop your college list; prepare a final list of desired colleges
  • Review the strategic considerations associated with the decision to apply Early Decision, Early Action, or Regular Decision
  • Help you decide if early action or early admission is right for you
  • Assist you with every aspect of the college application (excluding financial aid): personal essays, extracurricular achievements, references, awards, resumes, and background information
  • Assist you in developing a detailed work plan to ensure that all applications and supporting materials are completed well in advance of deadlines
  • Provide a critical assessment of your strengths and weaknesses as a college applicant, and discuss how to capitalize on your strengths
  • Help you distinguish yourself from other applicants so that you improve your chances of acceptance at your “target” and “reach” schools
  • Offer guidance on obtaining letters of reference, including how to prepare, whom to ask, and how to evaluate your alternatives if you cannot find a strong reference
  • Provide advice on writing a clear, concise resume that highlights your experiences and strengths
  • Edit and critique your resume
  • Assist you in brainstorming, evaluating, and selecting essay/personal statement topics
  • Help you identify a personal theme or area of interest around which your essay/personal statement(s) can be constructed
  • Guide you through the essay writing process, helping you create a strong, unforgettable essay
  • Fine tune your final essay, editing for both content and grammar
  • Provide guidance about what to expect during alumni and on-campus interviews
  • Offer tips on interviewing, conduct practice interviews, learn how to emphasize the same themes discussed in your essay/personal statement during the interview
  • Review your applications for completeness and accuracy
  • Assist you in choosing a college once acceptances have been offered, providing an insider’s perspective on the colleges you’re considering
  • Discuss the options available to you if you’re not admitted to your first-choice institution; help you evaluate the alternatives, select the best option for you, and implement your alternative strategy
  • Provide guidance about actions to take if you are deferred or waitlisted, including submitting follow-up correspondence and/or additional materials
  • Provide suggestions for comparing, evaluating, and if necessary, appealing the financial aid packages offered by your target institutions
  • Guide you in undertaking final campus visits to firm up your choice of school
  • Discuss why senior year courses, grades, AP exams, and community/volunteer activities are critical to your successful application
  • Discuss the pros and cons of professional versus liberal arts education
  • Suggest possible college majors, fields of study, and potential careers based on your expressed skills and interests
  • Help you evaluate and choose among room/housing options (including fraternities and sororities), meal plans, payment arrangements, and related services
  • Offer advice on purchasing dormitory/room amenities, technology, health insurance, debit/ID cards, and related products
  • Describe what to expect during your first year of college


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