Consultation #2

Finding the Right College for You:  Identifying the best “safety,” “target,” and “reach” institutions for you; choosing your admissions strategy; getting the most out of your campus visits; financing your college education; maintaining a strong applicant profile


List of Services Provided

You’ll receive the following services that set Upstate College Planning Services apart from our competitors:

  • Describe what “selectivity” really means, and how it can affect your chances of admission
  • Discuss whether attending one college over another really will improve your chances of success/employment
  • Describe how US News & World Report rankings are relevant to your chances of admission
  • Share insider knowledge about whether colleges’ stated admissions priorities really hold when tough decisions need to be made
  • Discuss who makes decisions about competing admissions goals and why, and how that could affect your admissions strategy 
  • Find out how you can effectively tap into a college’s current priorities


Plus, you’ll receive all of the following:

  • Carefully interview you and your parents to gather information about your background and interests (use the analysis provided during Consultation #1, Getting Started, if possible).
  • Help you and your parents understand the distinctions among various levels, sectors, and types of colleges
  • Assist you and your parents in prioritizing college selection factors including size, location, cost, selectivity, public or private affiliation, mission/educational philosophy, curriculum, diversity of the student body, co-curricular learning opportunities, campus and living environment, and so forth
  • Prepare an initial list of institutions that fit your needs and interests, based on the foregoing as well as your academic and personal profile
  • Make sure that an appropriate mix of target, reach, and safety schools are included in your list
  • Help you design an admissions strategy, i.e., evaluate whether to apply Early Decision, Early Action, or Regular Decision at each of your target institutions
  • Offer an analysis of your current strengths and weaknesses as a college applicant, emphasizing steps that you could take now to mitigate your weaknesses and improve your chances of admission
  • Provide an evaluation of your compatibility and chances of admission at any school
  • Help you decide how many campuses to visit, when, and for what purposes
  • Help you construct a framework for analyzing the differences among institutions
  • Provide expert advice about making the most of your campus visits, including suggestions for evaluating on and off-campus housing arrangements, meal plans, athletic facilities, social and extracurricular life, co-curricular learning opportunities (e.g., service learning, off-campus study), professors’ accessibility, and related issues
  • Provide you and your parents with an overview of financial aid and the scholarship application process, including the terminology of financial aid
  • Assist you in obtaining information about financial aid, scholarships, and loans that may prove useful for your family’s financial situation
  • Guide you and your family to web sites and other sources of financial aid information
  • Refer you to colleagues who specialize in helping families with college expenses
  • Review your current and upcoming curriculum, standardized test results, and plans for extracurricular and summer activities in order to position you strongly for the upcoming application process
  • Evaluate whether it would be to your advantage to improve your test scores; if so, assist you in identifying methods of test preparation that have proven successful in raising scores
  • Discuss how to use academic, extracurricular, volunteer, and summer activities to clarify your interests and add focus to your application
  • Assist you in developing a customized calendar of tasks and due dates, including an application process schedule
  • Set goals for continuing with the UCPS process, if you choose to do so


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