Consultation #1

Getting Started:  What you need to know to be successful in the college admissions process; what you can do now to improve your chances of success; and how college admissions officers would evaluate your application today


List of Services Provided

You’ll receive the following services that set Upstate College Planning Services apart from our competitors:

  • Provide you and your family with an experienced college executive’s view on the college admissions process
  • Share insider knowledge about the factors that drive college admissions today
  • Discuss what’s behind the admissions information that gets communicated to high school guidance offices and independent consultants
  • Discuss how colleges and universities develop their admissions priorities, and what implications that has for your application
  • Discuss what otherwise unremarkable aspects of your background might appeal to college executives


Plus, you’ll receive all of the following:

  • Clarify the importance of grades, test scores, rank in class, jobs, extracurricular activities, interviews, financial resources, and other factors in the application process
  • Undertake a thorough review of your current academic and personal profile
  • Provide you and your parents with a detailed analysis of where you stand at present in terms of potential college admissions based on your interests, classes, grades, rank in class, test scores, activities, internships, athletic/artistic accomplishments, and your school’s college profile
  • Define and discuss the range of colleges and universities to which you might apply today
  • If that list is viewed as desirable, discuss ways to ensure that your application portfolio remains strong
  • If the list is viewed as undesirable, identify and describe what needs to happen in order to increase the options available to you
  • Provide you and your parents with an overview of the college planning process, including timetables for standardized testing, early and regular decision admissions, financial aid, and applications
  • Assist you and your parents in developing a customized calendar of tasks and due dates, including an application process schedule
  • Offer feedback on your current course schedule, activities, and standardized test results
  • Discuss and evaluate alternative methods of test preparation, including self-study, classes, and private tutors
  • Review ideas for future extracurricular involvement, summer activities, and academic pursuits, focusing on talents and interests that will strengthen your application
  • Encourage you and your parents to think broadly with regard to the college application process, not foreclosing institutions initially due to cost, selectivity, or other factors
  • Offer general advice about how to pick the right college
  • Help you and your family understand the distinctions among various levels, sectors, and types of colleges
  • Set goals for continuing with the UCPS process, if you choose to do so


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