Customized Consultations

Our Customized Consultations will help you (1) get started with the college planning and admissions process, (2) find and target the right college(s) for you, and (3) increase your chances of getting admitted to the schools you’d like to attend.  We recommend these consultations for all clients -- they cover everything you’ll need to know or do in order to get into college.

Typically, students and families undertake these consultations in sequential order.  Most clients begin with Getting Started, during their freshman or sophomore year; followed by Finding the Right College for You, during the junior year or, in some cases, during the senior year; and conclude during the senior year with Getting Admitted

Each consultation is custom-designed to meet your needs.  Each includes a one-on-one meeting in your home (should you desire it) with Dr. Lynne Wiley, President of Upstate College Planning Services. And, during each consultation, you’ll receive something that only Upstate College Planning Services (UCPS) can provide:  “the view from the top on what it takes to get into college.”

Purchase any consultation individually, or save money by purchasing all three as a package – check out Fees for Students and Families for further information.  These three consultations form the cornerstone of a successful college application process.


Consultation #1

Getting Started:  What you need to know to be successful in the college admissions process; what you can do now to improve your chances of success; and how college admissions officers would evaluate your application today

Regardless of your year in school, or the amount of thought you’ve given to college planning, we strongly recommend that you begin your college admissions process with this consultation.  It’s a good place to start because it’s all about you:  who you are, what you like and dislike, what you’re good at, what you’ve learned about yourself, what your grades and test scores (if applicable) reveal about you, and what you’ve thought about doing with your life. 

During this consultation, we’ll provide you with an in-depth assessment of your background, grades, test scores, and interests; help you think about where you stand now in terms of college admissions; and provide you with the kind of insider’s perspective on college admissions that sets Upstate College Planning Services apart from our competitors.  You’ll get “the view from the top” on what it takes to get into college, right here, right now, for you.  And, you’ll learn about all kinds of things you can do to help yourself get admitted. 

Whether or not you continue with the UCPS process, the detailed evaluation we prepare for this consultation (and only this consultation) will give you a big advantage in the college planning process.

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Consultation #2

Finding the Right College for You:  Identifying the right list of “safety,” “target,” and “reach” institutions for you; choosing your admissions strategy; getting the most out of your campus visits; financing your college education; maintaining a strong applicant profile

We recommend this consultation for both juniors and seniors.  It’s the second critical step in the process of getting into the schools you’d like to attend.  Again, this consultation has a lot to do with your interests and goals (we’ll draw on the evaluation from “Getting Started,” if possible), but it has as much to do with what’s out there -- with figuring out which of the thousands of accredited colleges and universities in the country you should target, and why.   It makes a huge difference in the application process, because the more you know about which schools are right for you, the better your chances of getting admitted.

So, during this consultation we’ll help you understand how colleges differ from one another (and they do, in all kinds of ways); provide you with the latest information about their admissions profiles, listen to what you want, and then recommend a list of schools that match your criteria and can be considered “safe” (i.e., you’re almost certain to get in), “target” (schools you’d really like to attend, and for which you’re competitive), or “reach” institutions (desirable schools at which your chances of success are lower). 

We’ll also provide you with inside information about making the most of your campus visits, analyze the whole issue of financial aid, and keep you on track in terms of grades, test scores, and activities.  The bottom line?  This consultation will go a long way towards determining how successful you are in the next step of the process.

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Consultation #3

Getting Admitted:  Preparing your college applications; writing a powerful essay; preparing for interviews; implementing your admissions strategy; evaluating your options; choosing the best college for you

This consultation is for seniors, and for anyone else who’s applying now to colleges.  It’s the final, all-important step in the college admissions process -- preparing and submitting your applications, and deciding what to do once you hear from colleges.  At this point, you’ve thought about what you’re interested in (e.g., Getting Started), and what colleges are right for you (e.g., Finding the Right College).  You’ve got some ideas about where you’d like to go to school.  Now, you need to make it happenyou need to prepare an application that makes college admissions officers sit up and take notice.
This consultation is about doing all we can to increase your chances of getting admitted to the schools on your list.  We’ll work with you every step of the way.  We’ll help you obtain references, compile a resume, deal with essays, and prepare for interviews.  We’ll guide you in finalizing an admissions strategy; and, if you purchase one of our Premium or Unlimited Service packages, provide you with unlimited application revisions for the number of applications you purchase (see Fees for Students and Families).  

Because we know what goes on inside colleges, we’ll give you tips on improving your application that you won’t find elsewhere.  One way or the other, we’ll help you submit an application that is so compelling, college admissions officers can’t ignore it.  And, we’ll provide start to finish support with the application process that continues until after the waitlist (if necessary) with no extra charge

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