Customized Services for Companies

Companies that pride themselves on producing products or services of high quality know that employee satisfaction is a key to their success.  They know, also, that their ability to attract and retain quality employees is a two-way street -- that employees’ commitment to a company increases in direct proportion to the company’s interest in their growth and development.  Strong employee benefit programs build that kind of commitment. 

Upstate College Planning Services can help you build loyalty, improve performance, and reduce turnover by providing your employees with the latest in a low-cost employee benefit program: customized help with the college planning and admissions process. An emerging trend in the fast-growing area of work/life planning, college counseling programs create an incentive for quality employees to join and stay with your company. They provide an affordable way to demonstrate your interest in your employee’s welfare. And, they’ll help you differentiate your company from its competitors. As noted in a January 17, 2006 USA Today article, “Giving workers ‘time to. . . prepare their children for something that weighs on everyone’s mind so heavily is really invaluable’.”

Upstate College Planning Services will work with you to (1) custom-design and implement a college admissions benefit program tailored to your needs, (2) provide your employees with assistance in the college planning and admissions process, and (3) provide you with quarterly feedback about the program, including how well it’s operating, how many employees have taken advantage of the service, and whether they’re satisfied with the range of services offered. 

Among the Customized Services from which you can choose:

  • Brown-bag lunches for employees on college-related topics
  • Monthly college planning seminars
  • Group counseling by a former college executive
  • Web-based guidance on paying for college
  • Presentations by college admissions personnel
  • Seminars on college financial planning
  • Career decision-making seminars
  • College application and essay writing assistance
  • Web-based college planning programs

Ensure that your company is recognized next year not only for its financial performance, but for its leadership in employee satisfaction. And remember, only Upstate College Planning Services has the executive credentials and experience to provide your employees with “the view from the top on what it takes to get into college.”


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