Additional Services

In some cases, clients may wish to purchase specialized services in order to obtain in-depth assistance with one or more aspects of the college planning and application process.  We offer five such services.  All Additional Services must be purchased individually; see Fees for further information.


Essay Review and Editing

Students who need considerable assistance revising, editing, or conceptualizing their admissions essay should consider purchasing this service.  We won’t write your admissions essay for you, but we’ll do everything we can to make sure that the essay you produce is well-conceived, well-organized, coherent, and correct with regard to spelling and grammar.  We’ll help you through the all-important process of choosing a topic, provide tips on constructing an outline, and critique your drafts.  Perhaps most importantly, we’ll help you clarify your thinking as you move through the writing process.  The bottom line:  You’ll emerge with an essay that will help your application, rather than hurt it.


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Ding Evaluation

This service is for you if you’ve been rejected by a school to which you submitted an application and want to understand why.  We’ll carefully evaluate your application, advise you about probable causes for the rejection, and analyze what it means for the remainder of your applications.  We’ll tell you about strategies that we’ve seen work to change admissions officers’ decisions, and help you understand how to focus your efforts to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself.  Among the alternatives we’ll consider:  revising your admissions strategy (e.g., applying or not applying Early/Regular Decision), strengthening and/or revising your application, re-evaluating your list of preferred schools; and applying again to the same institution from which you were rejected.


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Wait List Appraisal

If you’ve been wait-listed by one of the schools to which you applied and want to increase your chances of getting admitted, this service is for you.  We’ll carefully review your application, analyze your credentials, and advise you about probable causes for the wait-list decision.  We’ll obtain some hard data about the school in which you’re interested, including current admission profiles, in order to evaluate your prospects in relation to those of other candidates.  Where you have opportunities to make yourself stand out, either through the submission of additional materials, or through follow-up correspondence, we’ll tell you about them.  And, we’ll assess whether financial aid issues might be playing into your admissions decision.


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Career/Major One-On-Ones

Not sure what you want to be, or what to major in once you get to college?  Purchase this service and we’ll put you in touch with a range of highly successful people who can tell you first-hand what it’s like to be employed in their profession.  Talk with them one-on-one about the challenges and demands of their work; the kind of preparation they had, both in and outside of college, for the work they’re doing today; and the factors that have made them successful in their profession.  Feel free to discuss starting salaries, career earnings potential, and how they got where they are today.  And don’t worry about figuring out what to say:  they’ll make it easy for you.


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Professional Counseling by the Hour/Your Choice of Topic

Tell us what you’d like to talk about and we’ll discuss it, by the hour. This service is designed for folks who prefer the idea of organizing their own conversation, or who need additional information before making a decision about which of our services to purchase. Although hourly counseling shouldn’t be considered a substitute for the sequence of consultations that we believe will result in a successful college admissions process (we charge more for it than for other services), if you have college planning and admissions questions that can’t be answered in sufficient detail in another way, this service is for you.

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