We offer a variety of packages and fee structures to meet your needs, including Basic, Premium, and Unlimited Service plans. 

1.  Any Customized Consultation may be purchased on a per service basis; all Additional Services and Seminars must be purchased on a per service basis (our Basic Service Plan).  Choose any one of our three consultations (see “Services”), or any one of our Additional Services or Seminars, and pay for the service at the time of the consultation/service (or before, if the consultation/service takes place by telephone or email).  For best results, we recommend that those clients interested in our Customized Consultations begin with Consultation #1 (Getting Started):  only this consultation includes a customized inventory of your background, grades, test scores, and interests, and forms the basis of our recommendations and all future discussion(s).  
2.  For a more comprehensive level of service, including start to finish assistance with all aspects of the college planning and admissions process, consider one of our Premium Service packages (Bronze, Silver, or Gold).  These economical packages include all three of our Customized Consultations (Getting Started, Finding the Right College for You, and Getting Admitted), plus unlimited application revisions for the number of applications you purchase, offered at a discount for full or partial pre-payment.  The Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages are our most popular option.  

3.  Students and families who wish to spare no effort to ensure success will find our Unlimited Service plan appealing.  In addition to all three of our Customized Consultations, it includes year-round, unlimited access to Dr. Lynne Wiley, President of Upstate College Planning Services, and unlimited assistance with the college planning and application process by telephone, email, fax, or in person, beginning as early in a student’s high school career as a student or family desires.  Clients interested in this Platinum level of service may apply the cost of an initial consultation towards the cost of the plan.

Important Note:  Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum plan members become priority clients of Upstate College Planning Services.  We will reserve space for you in our schedule, and ensure that you have access to our services during the duration of your contract.  You will become one of the clients on our ongoing roster.  We will add clients based on our ability to continue to provide quality work for priority clients.  And, if you purchase one of these packages now, be assured that you have reserved current-year prices for the service, regardless of the year in which the package is fully used (e.g., we assume that if you begin your work with us as a sophomore, your time as a client will span a three-year period). 

4.  Not sure what service or package is best for you?  Clients who are undecided about which package or service is best for them may wish to schedule a one-hour consultation (see Additional Services).  You’ll learn more about the college planning process, and you can apply the cost of the hour towards the cost of any package you subsequently select.

Just give us a call or send us an email (see “Contact Us”), and we’ll be happy to respond to all of your questions. 

Contact us now for a list of 2006 fees



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